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Finding Perfect Urban Condo

Do market research.

As previously noted, there are a plethora of high rise condos available across a wide gamut of price points. Once you figure out how much you want to spend, you can start investigating specific condos that fall within that range. By doing so, you can figure out where you’re going to get your best value.

You want to look at the obvious things like how much square footage you’ll get for your money with each condo, but there are other, less quantifiable metrics you should look at as well. For example, what is the pool like? Are there private tennis or racquetball courts? Is there a fitness center, and is it substantial enough to preclude the need for a regular gym membership?

Finally, HOA dues are a huge consideration. Two condos could have the same price point, but if one’s HOA is $150 per month more expensive than the other’s, you won’t actually end up paying an equal price.

Clearly, all this information can be difficult to analyze and digest on your own, which leads to this final tip.

Work with a qualified real estate agent.

In a hot, fast-paced real estate market, you don’t want to try to go at a condo purchase on your own. You need the most experienced agent on your side if you want the best deal and the most seamless transaction possible. Having the right agent can mean the difference between missing out on your dream home and getting in it at the best price possible.